Ray Shoesmith seems like an average guy. He shares ice cream with his daughter, bickers with his ex-wife over how they’re raising their child, and starts dating a woman he meets while walking his dog.

But beneath it all, Ray is masking a secret — he’s a hitman.

FX’s new series Mr Inbetween, created by and starring Australian filmmaker Scott Ryan as Ray, follows the sometimes intense, sometimes absurd, and often bloody life of a hired gun, fusing comedic moments with life-or-death stakes.

“To Ray, what he does is just a job,” Ryan tells EW. “He’s like anybody else. He’s got to have a job. He’s got to pay the bills. He’s got a daughter. He’s got to put a roof over his head. The same struggles that everybody has, he had. He just has a different job.”

The first season, which premieres Tuesday, is entirely directed by Australian filmmaker Nash Edgerton and also stars his daughter Chika Yasumura as the scene-stealing Brittany, Ray’s unicorn-loving, savvy, fiscally responsible little girl, who lives by a strong moral code at her young age, holding the adults accountable for their bad behavior.

“It was really fun because he’s, well, I’ve heard he’s a good director, but he’s good at bossing me around at home,” Yasumura quips.

Her father adds, “Interestingly, a lot the traits of the character are based on Chika. She extorts my friends for money when they swear, she still does. She’s made quite a good living out of it, actually.”

Also joining Ryan and Yasumura are former Neighbours star Brooke Satchwell as Ally, a paramedic and Ray’s new girlfriend who’s in the dark about his true profession; Justin Rosniak, who plays Ray’s trouble-prone friend Gary; and Damon Herriman as Ray’s boss, Freddy.

“I’d like the audience to actually see that just because you kill people for a living doesn’t necessarily mean you’re a really bad person,” Ryan says of the show.

For more from the cast of Mr Inbetween on making a hitman relatable, watch the video above.

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