If you’ve been wondering when the Big Empty might return, now you have your answer, and I have to say, I really like the Big Empty as a villain! It’s kind of strange to call it a “villain” because it’s a place, but I liked the thing from the moment we met it in season 13. And having it show up again in this episode only solidified my like for this black, oozy, evil … thing. Let’s dig into this week’s very emotional hour!

The episode starts with all three guys surrounding Jack as he, well, dies. Dean, overcome with emotion, steps outside, leaving Jack to ask Sam what comes next for him. But Sam, for once, doesn’t know the answer. And by the time Castiel can convince Dean to come back into the room, Jack has already passed. (Yeah, I’ve got to admit I didn’t think that was going to happen so fast!)

Dean calls and updates Mary via voicemail while Sam handles things the best he can: He packs a bag and takes the Impala. By the time Castiel and Dean find Sam, he’s sitting on the ground next to the car, clearly defeated. Dean’s worried Sam’s pulled a classic Winchester move and made some kind of deal, but instead, he was simply trying to build Jack’s pyre so they could give him a proper hunter’s funeral. But when the axe broke, Sam felt like he couldn’t even do that for the kid. With all three of them grieving a son, Dean makes the game plan: They will say goodbye tomorrow, but tonight, they’re getting loaded.

And so we get a montage of the three of them drinking, eating nougat in honor of Jack, and then drinking some more. They even laugh a bit, a rare sight as of late! But by the end of the night, Dean is the last man standing … or sitting.

Cut to heaven where Jack is enjoying one of his memories: Heading to Dodge City with the guys. But when the sun starts flickering, Jack works out that he’s in heaven, which would be a good thing if heaven weren’t under attack. When Jack heads into the hallway, a black ooze starts chasing him. He manages to outrun it by heading to find his mom. In Kelly’s heaven, the two of them will finally have a chance to get to know each other.

By the time Dean wakes up — he fell asleep on the kitchen table, of course — Sam and Castiel have brought Lily Sunder into the bunker. If you’ll remember, the last time we saw Lily, she killed the angels responsible for her daughter’s death. But more importantly, she used a type of magic that the boys hadn’t seen before — it drew on her own soul. Now, she’s quit using magic, which explains why she’s aged quite a bit. Sam is hoping she can translate Kevin’s angel tablet translations considering her angel expertise, but she can’t. However, she suggests that they use her magic to bring Jack back. Her magic draws power from the human soul, so if Jack were to give up a tiny piece of his soul, he could live again. All she wants in exchange is for the boys to make sure she gets into heaven so that she can see her daughter again.

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Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki star as the Winchester brothers, hellbent on battling the paranormal forces of evil.

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