The Operation Varsity Blues court documents named 50 people involved in the scandal, many of whom are wealthy, influential parents in high-powered jobs who wanted to get their children into the best colleges. Who better to send up the rich, privileged parents than Hollywood’s comedic powers?

Steve Carell could play Silicon Valley investor William McGlashan, who allegedly paid Singer to Photoshop photos of his son playing lacrosse to make it look like he was a football kicker/punter. 

Elizabeth Banks could play Donna Heinel, the USC senior athletic department administrator who allegedly receieved more than $1.3 million in bribes to get non-athletes into USC as athletic recruits. 

Amy Poehler could play Marcia Abbott, who along with her husband Gregory Abbott, are alleged to have paid Singer $125,000 to boost their daughter’s exam scores. As reported by the New York Post, their son Malcolm came to his parents’ defense while smoking a blunt and touting his rap music (you can’t make this stuff up). 

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