With just a week to go before the mid-season finale, the Charmed Ones certainly have their work cut out for them as their enemy count grows higher and higher with no end in sight. While spectacularly titled, “Bug a Boo” is not chock full of Destiny’s Child music as one would hope — rather, the sisters are forced to duke it out against an actual demon bug.

However, the demon bug turns out to be relatively small potatoes for the sisters as they now have two opposing forces to grapple with: the harbinger-stealing demon mad scientist — who will surely make his evil presence known one of these days — and a rogue vigilante group of witches dead set on having Mel join their ranks.

The episode kicks off with the sisters facing the mysterious, electricity-wielding scythe thief from the previous episode. They may have the Power of Three but their burgeoning magic is no match for the thief, whose ability to teleport and perform magic leaves them completely off-guard. The sisters retreat, but not before the demon uses the scythe to open the portal to Tartarus, releasing one of its evil residents.

With the scythe out of their hands and a mysterious demon on the loose, the sisters do something completely out of character thus far and call upon the Elders for back-up. However, Maggie and Macy have real-world business to attend to, leaving Mel, Harry, and resident Elder liaison Charity to get to the bottom of this scythe-theft business.

Having finally chosen a major, Maggie is now scouting out internship possibilities, volunteering as a recruiter for a dating app start-up in the hopes of landing an internship in Chicago. While Parker attempts to woo her into interning with him at his father’s company in Chicago instead, Maggie turns down his offer of unlimited summer makeout sessions, wanting to earn an internship on her own.

However, Maggie’s rejection of nepotism proves to be a major foil for Alastair’s nefarious plans. An exposition dump in the form of a big bad meet-up between Alastair and his sons gives us a little bit of background on Parker’s mysterious illness — and exactly what his demon father’s biogenetic plans are. Half-demon, half-human, it seems Parker’s demonic side is killing his human side and Alastair is working on a serum that would cure, or at least help, Parker with this bonkers and probably painful situation. Unfortunately, they need Maggie’s plasma to make the serum and Alastair implores him to find another way to get it as company drug tests are now off the table. It remains to be seen how the Harbinger of Hell plays into all of this, but I’m sure we’ll find out soon enough.

Mel, Harry, and Charity don’t get far in their investigation into the electric demon before their police scanner picks up a missing persons report. The trio investigate and upon seeing evidence of demonic activity, and with no other demons on their radar, they become wary of their mysterious foe.

Mel is taking out the trash at The Haunt when she’s approached by the electric demon, Jada, who reveals she’s not a demon after all but rather is half-witch, half-Whitelighter. Jada informs Mel that she’s part of the Sisters of Arcana — also known as Sarcana — a rogue group of witches who don’t follow the Elders’ orders. She shares that despite being an Elder, Mel’s mom was an ally to the group, adding that Mel is just the type of person they’re looking for. As a peace offering, Jada gives Mel a shard of the scythe and reveals she already used it to release a powerful witch from Tartarus.

Back at the house, Mel confronts Charity about the Sarcana. The mention of the group clearly rattles Charity, who tells Mel they’re a group of terrorists originally founded by an Elder. Later, Harry joins a still-shaken Charity on the back steps. Sarcana resurfacing is clearly a touchy subject for both as they mourn a mysterious “her” and very nearly have a moment.

After essentially being informed by the priestess that she and Galvin can never be together due to the protection spell on him, Macy has resigned herself to being married to her work. However, even her boss thinks she needs to get a life outside the lab and Maggie couldn’t agree more, pushing for Mace to get on the dating app she’s been promoting. Meanwhile, Galvin has been having a rough week in the lab, snapping at Macy like she’s not his friend and, more importantly, his boss. After she calls out his behavior, he apologizes, revealing that he and Summer broke up and Dr. Warner also cut funding on his long-running research project. So he’s feeling a bit down — but more importantly, Galvin is single again!

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